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    Default Dropping the "ing"

    Have you noticed how we are copying the yanks in dropping the "ing" off words?

    For example, a racing car is now a race car.
    a swimming pool is now a swim pool.
    a diving squad is now a dive squad.
    a stocktaking sale is now a stocktake sale.
    a building is now a build.
    a meeting is now a meet.
    surroundings are now surrounds.
    and many more.

    What is happening to our distinctive Kiwi way of speaking? It seems as though the yank way of speaking is taking over. We'll be copying their accent next. Perish the thought!
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    Can't say I've noticed that at all.
    Perhaps some do, but then some use all sorts of words: "dis" as a verb, "concerning" when they mean worrying, and the favourite "like".

    Like, we must like talk this way now cause like it's the thing to do and like makes us sound like retarded.
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    Poor grammar cant be blamed SOLELY on the yanks .
    Why not have a go at Brits bad grammar , Aussies bad grammar, hell even bad Grammar in NZ with no one to blame but us .
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    Even so, it still gives an excuse for a pedantic rant.

    Mine is dropping the 'ly'. There has been a noticeable trend to use adjectives instead of what ?

    Adverbs........... News readers and weather presenters don't use them, they will say something like "the sun was shining bright in Wellington today", instead of brightly.

    (For those who have forgotten grammar, an adverb describes a verb whereas an adjective describes a noun)
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    I think this discussion should go to "Neighbourly" or Facebook rather than here.. These pedantic discussions seem to come very 6 months or so, Must be a slow day in some people lives..

    Paul W
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    No point in putting anything on Facebook, half the time they speak their own language anyway. Some of the comments made, flippin hell, its all text (or is that Txt) Speak. Some cant spell to save themselves
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    "Our reporters are across the story........"
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    Is not worry about it an option?
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    When I studied English Linguistics at uni, one comment that my professor made which has stuck in my mind, is that English is an evolving language.
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    Default Re: Dropping the "ing"

    Wonder who created or what initiated the "ing" originally, and for what purpose, as may have not been really needed. Maybe English may have been too overly structured, and hence shortcuts or dialects evolve. I had a UK Lancashire mate in the 70's seemed to speak shortened sentences, e.g. I was "stood", rather than standing.
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