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    Default FaceBook frustrations

    I need a FB expert! I am the admin of a page for a not-for-profit organization but there must have been an update for FB as I have been deleted from admin. As I am the only admin person the page is now locked and posts will not upload. I want to be reactivated as admin but FB help, forum are useless - I just get sent round and round to the same web pages. I hope I do not need to start a new page as a result of the FaceBook mismanagement of an update. I can log into the page go to settings but there the process stops as the 'edit' buttons are not highlighted and won't work. Help!

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    Default Re: FaceBook frustrations

    Like all problems its a lot easier to see something than try to have someone explain. The settings is only One place you can get into.

    This has been happening for years when FB do changes sometimes.

    By Default when you make a page you ( your account) automatically becomes the admin.

    Can you try this, log into your account as normal, to the right of your name is a down Arrow, click that, manage pages -- Hopefully your page will show in the center and you can access it again.

    Also what happens when you log into the group - directly under your group Picture, theres 3 dots. What options are available:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: FaceBook frustrations

    Thanks Wainuitech for the suggestions.
    The template for the page is 'non-profit-organisation' and there is no down arrow to the right of the name. (Tried to change the template but won't action) There are 10 options listed from the '3 dots' the first one is 'edit page info' it highlights when scrolled over with mouse but is not active when clicked. Others are 'view insights' 'view as page visitor' create event' 'adds manager' 'create page' 'pin to shortcuts' etc. I have noticed that there is the rolling circle thingy when something is loading in the 'write something' area. Probably still trying to upload post I did 3 days ago!!!! I have tried to make changes under 'page settings' as well as 'facebook settings' but but all 'edit' buttons are non active. And now while playing around answering your reply I suddenly have the following appear at the top of the cover photo.!
    'Connect a personal Facebook account to this Page To improve the security of your Page and to make it easier to control who can work on it, you'll soon be required to sign in with your personal Facebook account to manage this Page.To get started, add your personal Facebook account as an admin to this Page. If you don't have a personal Facebook account yet, you can create one. Learn more about how to give people a role on your Page.'
    I don't have a personal FB account so tried to load my wife's but of course nothing happens and around and around I go again.

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