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    Default Re: Airflow Vs Air (spam) for cooling?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
    @Lawrence it came with an 80mm fan but also with a 120mm fan. Now i don't know the exact model of it but it's the stock that every company uses.

    @tweak'e i've made sure that it doesn't hit the wall behind it it's about 10cm of of it.

    Guys i think the problem is that my gpu( due to it's size is blocking the airflow in my case.

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    i doubt the card is blocking case air flow. but check if the front fan is blowing air into that corner.
    10cm is really close to the wall.
    unless you have fans on the side (both positions) i would tape up the side vents. i would even try removing the side fans and taping up the vents. side vents can be problematic unless used just right.
    makes sure there is no card next to the gpu. otherwise its really down to the gpu fan and heatsink arrangement. makes sure its clean and not filled with dust.
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    Default Re: Airflow Vs Air (spam) for cooling?

    Just going back to the beginning ,what temp Monitoring program is being used as some give misleading info

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    Default Re: Airflow Vs Air (spam) for cooling?

    I've been 'spam cooling' (never knew that name for it) for years.

    Obviously there's a small increase in risk of fire, electrocution and damage to the computer in doing this, so I can't make a blanket recommendation to do it.

    That metal wall of your case is a very important line of defence if one of your components suddenly goes up in smoke. Without that wall it could be your whole house up in smoke.

    So... if you're the sort of person to leave the computer running 24/7, or unattended for hours on end, then do NOT leave the side off.

    If you power off when not in use, if there's no kids or pets to go poking or piddling inside the computer, then yeah, consider spam cooling. It largely makes your input and output fans redundant (just more heat and noise if they're running), so I just rely on the CPU, PSU and GPU fans alone to do the job. Works fine.

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