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Thread: Chorus

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    Default Chorus

    So fibre is cancelled.
    I'm stuck with wireless forever.

    Which is awful here.

    First after refusing his staple the cable to the rotting fence which the neighbour hits on a regular basis, round corner of fence and off to bedroom! , can't be on ground, can't be this, can't be that, we run a pipe. To the corner of house which is lounge.

    On the ground. Which is apparently now marvellous.

    So back he comes, will cut across asphalt.
    No he won't.

    Back and forth and then Chorus says yes cut concrete.
    back he comes with number 2.
    Number 2 happy, yes cut here (on concrete).

    No says original one. Can't. They leave again.

    So we cut it.
    No says Chorus, need Auckland Council paperwork.

    Fine, we feed the damn thing under it then.

    No says Chorus, it's the wrong colour etc etc.

    I give up.
    It was meant to be up and running Monday.

    I am not changing the colour, not changing anything.

    It has cost us money, it has taken days of hard work and it can damn well stay that way and never be used then.

    Seems with Chorus, you accept their **** dirty install or nothing.
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    On a need to know basis....

    Default Re: Chorus

    sorry to hear that. . Any chance of VDSL?

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    Default Re: Chorus

    When he came the first time, he couldn't get it down the existing copper pipe. He tried pulling the wires either end, he couldn't budge them and he heaved on them. So, it was a bit dodgy before, not badly, but now it's stuffed.
    Drops dsl, comes back, drops - every 10 mins or so.
    heaps of noise on the phone.

    So, no.
    It's fibre or wireless. To fix the copper, well they can't get it out, they can't get at it without digging up the entire drive which they won't do-would mean running a new copper cable.

    And see the issue with running the fibre?!

    It just annoys me that it is common to do the crap install if they can't use the original pipe. You must accept it and either fix it all yourself or get crappy patch jobs done after heaps of back and forth complaining.

    It cost me heaps to have that drive done, I am not letting them wreck it.
    Even though their own regs say like for like, meaning they should repair with asphalt, they won't.

    Of course, it requires some expertise to be done properly. And it's not like concrete where you can make a cut and either side stays in place, asphalt doesn't.

    I've given them heaps of suggestions....they won't do any of it.
    We did a lot in the end, and then it just becomes oh that's great, yes do that, we do, and then, oh but no, we now say this and that.

    It's not like we just went ahead and then told them, I told them beforehand.

    Yes, fine feel free, that's great they say.

    They could actually put their own green pipe in the plinth area and attach it to our black pipe, but will they? No.

    It's not been easy, neither of us are fit and young and I've had enough.

    Son said it, why not just let them cut up the asphalt. Well because he didn't pay for it, he won't have to fix it and I'm not prepared to have the damage done if they won't repair it properly.

    For instance, they say, ok we will cut the concrete, this is management, it gets passed on to the etch.
    They come back, they get me up there and show me the exact spot, we will cut here. Fine I say, as it is on the concrete.

    I leave.
    Next thing they come back down, oh no we can't they say.
    It now must be on the asphalt. Again.

    This actually happened twice. On different occasions.

    They're not even consistent themselves.
    One minute this, the next not.
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    Default Re: Chorus

    How does the wireless compare, cost & speedwise?
    I assume that's what the little dishes on the roof are for.

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    Default Re: Chorus

    Why aren't they installing by underground "thrusting"? When ours was done the dug a hole in the grass verge, thrust all the way to the house, and were gone in a couple of hours, with hardly any sign that they had been. We just let them get on with it.

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    Default Re: Chorus

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Why aren't they installing by underground "thrusting"? When ours was done the dug a hole in the grass verge, thrust all the way to the house, and were gone in a couple of hours, with hardly any sign that they had been. We just let them get on with it.
    I don’t get it either.

    In my case they thrust 50m under the concrete drive, got a collapse about half way and just pulled back and thrust an “S” bend taking them from the centre of the drive to the edge of the drive.

    Yes they thrust an “S” bend.

    The Operator told me he could thrust a complete circle around the house if required and I wouldn’t bet against it.

    So the problem here eludes me too.
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    Default Re: Chorus

    thats chorus for ya. hopeless.
    whats probably happened is they have used all their time etc for the job so now its just fob it off cause they won't get paid for it.

    thats why i'm waiting on the power company. they will do a better job quicker than chorus.
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    Default Re: Chorus

    I think you will find that Chorus give their work to Sub-contractors, some are good with the right equipment, others hopeless. The same thing happens with housing, We had our house built by reputable builders, but the men who did the work were fruit pickers! Nothing was square, nothing fitted. I had to call building inspectors several times to get it redone. Its going to happen again with the mass house building that the Government plans, there are not enough skilled builders or supervisors. There is no reason why they cant drill under driveways etc, after all, they are doing it all the time in the street.

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    Default Re: Chorus

    Wireless broadband uses cellphone.
    Can be good, my brothers is, mine is too congested here.

    So, Plan 59000: I suggested to him, he cuts my asphalt, drops his cable in it, feeds it into my pipe, buggers off and then I get the driveway people - who laid it originally - back, and they fix it properly.

    He said he will bring his boss and see but sounds good.

    God knows what crap they will object to now.

    The driveway people pointed out the regulations and were quite horrified at his original ideas.
    I said forget it, it makes no difference, the regs are for us, they can apparently do whatever rubbish they like and ignore them and I have lost the fight.

    He said he'd just come back from a similar fix, they'd made a shallow cut, dropped the cable in it, slapped concrete over and ruined the drive.
    He made various derogatory comments about some of the work he had seen.

    So they are happy to come back after Chorus have done, and repair my drive properly.

    With his estimate of cost for this, this getting fibre will have cost us $600 approx. I'm losing track of what we have spent so far.

    I utterly hate Chorus.
    Spark on the other hand, although the wireless isn't ideal, have been very good.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Chorus

    That's Pctek for you. Not happy until she's having a good moan about something. The most negative person on this forum.

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