A number of sporting events this month has encouraged me to subscribe to FanPass, which I've used intermittently over the past year (the new minimum $100 for 1 month period for FanPass is a discouragement). There is a FanPass app for my new Samsung Smart TV, but it consistently locks up after a period - error accessing server. (If anyone else has this, pressing the return button on the Samsung remote for a long period results in a restart of the FanPass app - quicker and easier than resetting the TV). There is a note on the FanPass FAQ about this issue - I have followed all the advice and reported it to FanPass several times sending them screen prints of the error message. I am using the TV with a wired ethernet connection (not WiFi). No problems on the TV watching Netflix or Lightbox (I can't recall a single glitch, ever, watching streamed content even though still on ADSL). Also, no problems using FanPass from a PC plugged in to HDMI on the TV (use Internet Explorer, not my favourite Chrome web browser - using Chrome with FanPass results in stuttery replay, I haven't yet been able to determine why but IE works fine) - has never locked up ever when streamed through a PC. There was a recent firmware upgrade for the Samsung TV, but that hasn't fixed the issue with FanPass, and it appears to me to be an issue with the FanPass app on the Samsung TV and there is no sign of them fixing it (I first reported it to them October last year). Is anyone else experiencing this, and has anyone else found a solution? It is much more convenient switching the TV to FanPass than connecting up my laptop to the TV and network and logging in to the FanPass app via the browser.