Could you or your readers please supply a little light and help on the following problem that I have
been experiencing.

I have written many small and not so small programs for a sporting club that I am involved with. The
programs were all written in either QBASIC or PowerBASIC. All the programs have output to the
printer. When these programs are run on my 133 Mhz Pentium from Windows Explorer of Windows
95 there is a delay of approximately 10 seconds before any printed output appears from my printer.

If I go to Start, Shutdown, Restart in MSDOS the programs print immediately the program print
routines are activated.

When the same programs are run on my old 486SX25 from File Manager (Windows 3.1) the
printed output occurs immediately the program print routines are actioned.

Why is there this printer delay in Windows 95? What can I do to get around this go slow when
operating the programs from Windows Explorer?