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    Default couldn't load XPCOM

    tried system restore on previous post, all good there. New problem, when trying to open Thunderbird - "couldn't load XPCOM" - no email, what is XPCOM?

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    Default Re: couldn't load XPCOM

    According to this: Thunderbird is corrupted and needs to be reinstalled.

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    Default Re: couldn't load XPCOM

    Hi Wainuitech
    I deleted existing then reinstalled. Seemed okay but inbox was the only active folder. Constant clicking to no avail - repeated the delete/reinstall, no change - I'm lost

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    Default Re: couldn't load XPCOM

    re Thunderbird. Got the download but some strange results. Click on e.g. trash folder, only opens in "open in new window" applies to all folders. Doubt that that is the usual

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    Default Re: couldn't load XPCOM

    Thunderbird seems okay now - thanks to Wainuitech for the delete and renew advice

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