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    Default unsolicited email

    Recently I have started getting offensive email, you can guess the type. A couple of the recent ones came from:-

    I have not knowingly accessed any unsavory sites during the life of this harddrive.

    I do subscribe to a few IT news letters, eg W2knews, Searchnetworking, Storage innovators, Winnetmag etc. I wonder do these outfits sell on their addressbooks?

    Anyone got any good ideas how to stop this mail coming? I really dislike having to use the restrictions on my browser and getting this kind of rubbish hacks me off. I'm no prude but some things are just not acceptable.

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    There are a million and one ways....probably more by the time I finish typing this..that mailers get your details. The most common are through buying site lists... both subscribers and visitors to and through spyware. I suggest you get the program AdAware5.56 this is a spyware removal tool and is brilliant. Since I started using this my unsolicited emails have halved. Unfortunatly there is not much you can do to stop them mailing you apart from deleting them as soon as they arrive. Blocking them doesnt usually work as most times they change their email address before they do a large mailout. Never attempt to unsubscribe as this just confirms your address is active. I strongly suggest you get a second email address for use on the net, hotmail,netscape,nzoom there are thousands of places to get free email accounts and then use this address on the net only. Keep your main one for friends and family and use the second one for subscriptions and sites that request your email addy. its easier to control the junk mail this way i found.

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    Default Re: unsolicited email

    There is a option in Outlook Express to put a large dent in the amount of spam mail you get.

    When you first get a new spam message, open it, go to Message on the main toolbar, select Create Rule from message, that will bring up a box with 3 windows, the first is already ticked by default, 'where the from address is', go to the 2nd window and scroll down, place a tick in the Delete from Server, go to the third windows, place your mouse over the address and right click that will bring up a small box with the option of adding in other addresses, type in that everything from the @ sign onwards, as a example, one of the email addresses you gave was
    so I would add a second address being
    That person can now change the first part of the address but as long as they use hanimail, it will usually be still deleted from the server, then click ok, and follow the prompts.
    Note that the option to add in extra addresses as described here is not really applicible to yahoo and hotmail and other genuine web mailers as you would then end up blocking your friends that might also have accounts there.

    End result, instead of having to download all the spam, if you have rules set up and you keep adding to it, your isp deletes the messages for you saving your download time.

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    Default Re: unsolicited email

    ... and further to Gordon's:

    Create a Folder called Spam.

    Go to Tools/Message Rules.

    Click on New Rule.

    Make up a rule. Pick something in the Email that tells you it is spam. E.g. 'This is not SPAM', 'section 3005' '!!!'.

    For action send it to the Spam Folder. There you can do a quick look and delete it.

    Perhaps you will then need to modify a rule that has put a wanted Email in there. Create a new Rule that picks up that sender and stops processing rules on that file. Make sure this rule is before your Spam Rules.

    Some rule you will base on the body, some on the Subject Line. 'Win money' is one I have here.


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