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    Default Laptop rebooting

    Asus laptop (K72Jr series)
    windows 7 home premium 64bit
    problem: reboots self and seems to have moved the accounts data to new directory
    steps taken:
    -virus scan clean
    -malware scan clean
    -hard drive diagnostics passed
    -ram diagnostics 4x passed

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Interesting, thought I would do a windows update and it says last time updates were installed 11 July 2016?????
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    Default Re: Laptop rebooting

    The rebooting can be caused by many things, have a look in the eventvwr to see if it shows any errors or warnings.

    The accounts data to new directory-- Could be a corrupted user profile. Could also be tied in with the reboots if the HDD is starting to give up the ghost.

    A HDD diagnostics doesn't always show a true result, remember one of my drives on an old PC was playing up so imaged it, software said it was OK, but the next day it died - so much for that
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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    Default Re: Laptop rebooting

    Event viewer has warnings on the Winlogon
    and error on system restore

    have frozen installing windows update kb3125574

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    Default Re: Laptop rebooting

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