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    Default Ideas for a small good priced stereo speaker for my TV

    We have a Sony Bravia LED TV 42 inch about 5 years old not a Smart TV. We added a Bose Solo Soundbar to get stereo sound but it just stopped so we decided to replace it. Our lounge is small so it does not need a fancy system just a speaker/soundbar to enhance the sound. We have Sky with HD and we like stereo sound but don't want to spend big money. We live in West Auckland. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers.

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    Default Re: Ideas for a small good priced stereo speaker for my TV

    Pity you didnt ask earlier like a few yrs ago. I got this a few yrs ago

    It was $199 from Noel Leeming. Last mth my neighbour didnt know her Bravia 32 inch had freeview on it. So she gave it to me lol.

    I dont know why she didnt check. Since she's online

    Then I realised that it had an optical output on it. So does the stereo. I had a spare optical cable from a soundcard I had. Connected it

    Now I have the option of using the tv sound or switching to 5:1 using optical on the stereo. With Bravia Sync

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