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Thread: VPN info please

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    Default VPN info please

    Hi all,

    Im looking into using a VPN .. Ive read a bit about it. Can anyone make suggestions for me please ..

    Is it possible to use a free VPN? What else do I need to know, questions I should ask?

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    Default Re: VPN info please

    Hoxx VPN its a free addon for Firefox and works.

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    Default Re: VPN info please

    Depends on what you're wanting to use the VPN for, and on what clients? Just a windows laptop? From your Cellphone also?

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    Default Re: VPN info please

    Good site, seems well researched and trustworthy.
    There are all sorts of dodgy VPNs doing bad stuff, you have to be careful, especially at the free/cheap end.

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    Default Re: VPN info please

    Personally I use Private Internet Access.

    Good worldwide server coverage, the app works on multiple platforms including iOS/Android, can be used up to 5 different devices simultaneously and the speed is pretty decent.

    It makes use of OpenVPN which is pretty popular and known for its "robustness".

    I find the pricing quite reasonable, I bought my 2-year license for just US$60.

    I have tried a few free offerings but found that most had really poor speeds [like below 1Mbps] and this was when I was on a 50Mb VDSL connection.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: VPN info please

    Opera has a free vpn built in its ok for the odd USA geo unblock

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