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    Default Re: How does one test a rechargeable battery?

    Quote Originally Posted by Digby View Post
    After years of using recargarables and buying several chargers and testers I decieded last year to give.

    They are just not worth the hassle of testing and charging and hoping, then wondering if it still god.

    The "testers" are just too complicated and time consuming.

    I just buy top qualirty Eveready or Panasonic when on special and have no hassles.
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    It must be true!


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    Default Re: How does one test a rechargeable battery?

    Just buy new ones. Get some LSD/ready to use .

    1600mAh is not too bad for older AA's . However , old cells can/do self discharge so you loose capacity in storage & need frequent top ups
    Also , as mentioned above , could just be high internal resistance : cheap or old cells , or expecting too much from them

    NiMh are old tech, dont expect modern lipo performance .
    Eneloops are now just another brand, not even the same Brand they used to be (was Sanyo, now Panasonic).
    And far too many fake eneloops & bogus ratings on AA rechargeables now.

    test with a ESR meter . Or under high load & note voltage drop .

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