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    Default Caution; Danger; Alarm; Beware!

    Indian takeaways and grog shops will be closed tomorrow!

    Stock up with naan bread and roti, people, and make your beef vindaloo and lamb korma in advance
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    Default Re: Caution; Danger; Alarm; Beware!

    Usually Indian dairies open as if it is a normal day, which it is for them.
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    Default Re: Caution; Danger; Alarm; Beware!

    I guess that I can survive a day without naan bread and beef vindaloo.
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    Default Re: Caution; Danger; Alarm; Beware!

    The indian neighbours in front cook on the back deck all the time, they have a boarder now too, he does breakfast, lunch and dinner out there.

    Rather sick of it, not just the smells, his disgusting habit of hoiking over the side in front of us too.
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    Default Re: Caution; Danger; Alarm; Beware!

    I'll live

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