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    Exclamation United Airlines are rank amateurs when it comes to

    Does anyone remember seeing footage of World Airways' last flight out of Da Nang? **

    A World Airways 727-100 operates the last evac flight from Da Nang, South Vietnam as North Vietnamese troops are about to move in. The aircraft is built to hold roughly 120 passengers but in the chaos of the moment more than 300 people cram into wheel wells, luggage compartments as well as the cabin. Some make it, some don't.

    World Airways' president Ed Daly can be seen in one part, forcing at gunpoint South Vietnamese soldiers off the aircraft even while on its takeoff roll.

    Click HERE

    Sorry United, theirs is a class act when it comes to forcibly getting passengers to deplane; you'll never beat World Airways' record

    PS noone show any of Chicago Department of Aviation employees this clip in case they get ideas ...

    ** 1975, prior to the fall of Saigon.
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