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    Default My robust mobile phone!

    Just a comment... In the past year or so my Galaxy S4 Mini has fallen out of my favourite jacket's upper pocket; onto a tiled floor once, and three times onto either a car park floor or the street pavement. Plus a few falls onto the carpet at home. Today was the most recent when it fell apart into pieces - front and back, battery and innards. Still works absolutely fine! There's a graze mark on one of the corners, but no other cosmetic damage - the screen or any other part all look and work just fine! Good on Samsung, and I hope my soon-to-be upgrade will be as good. :-)
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    Default Re: My robust mobile phone!

    My work phone is a Samsung flip phone, about 2-3 years old. I have dropped it repeatedly. Seems to always disassemble in 3 pieces each of which fly off in a different direction. However no damage other than scuff marks has occurred from this. Pretty impressive really, it's a light phone though so not much impact. My Note 5 is all glass and I try not to drop that.
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    Default Re: My robust mobile phone!

    Nah....husband dropped his Nokia flip phone and ran over it in the ute.
    No damage at all.
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    Default Re: My robust mobile phone!

    I'm fixing one at the mo Walone sent me. The logic board was dead. So Nokia told him

    A Lumia 800. May as well get parts instead of buying a phone already made up.

    It'd be a lot cheaper. The parts that I've replaced so far (got an unlocked logic board, and back of the case only cost $29-30)

    If I replaced the lcd screen thats only an extra $18-20

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