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    Default Re: Laptop still being stalled by Disc usage a 100%

    Hope you manage to get your files off as it needs to be taken back for warranty repair

    If you can run HD Sentinel it will give you a estimate (Days) of when it going to die

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    Default Re: Laptop still being stalled by Disc usage a 100%

    Quote Originally Posted by Colpol View Post
    downloaded Crystal Disk Info. Ran it. showed "Caution"
    Reallocated Sectors Count 1
    Current Pending Sector Count 20
    When you hover mouse over Caution button.
    That usually means the HDD is starting to give problems with bad sectors. Failing sectors can be the cause of many problems.

    You may find ( and this is only a guess) that Windows is trying to repair the problems thus causing higher than normal disk usage

    Normally a HDD with failing sectors is covered by a manufactures warranty.

    I know if you had a WD drive, on their warranty site one of the options in the problem drop down simply states bad Sectors.
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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    Default Re: Laptop still being stalled by Disc usage a 100%

    OK Thanks for all help. I kinda thought that might be the problem so nice to have it confirmed.
    Have Spoken to HP Support who are sending me a recovery disc, which they want me to load so I will play their game and chase them up when it doesn,t work, especially now that I know it is possibly the HD at fault.
    The machine is only3 months old so should be no problem.

    Thanks once again.

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