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    Default Web Browsers and different looks

    I've been using three web browsers. Internet Explorer 6, Netscape 6.2 and Opera 6.

    Just out of curiosity. Why does some of the sites show up different?

    Source code is exactly the same.

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    Default Re: Web Browsers and different looks

    Simply because each browser interprets the HTML code differently, according to how they (the browsers) were written and the features that they do and do not support.

    You have to be quite knowledgeable of HTML and all the browsers to be able to design a website that looks pretty much the same in most, if not all, versions of each browser - not an easy task.

    Most sites seem to be designed mainly for Internet Explorer, because that is now the browser of the masses, thanks to Microsoft's Grand Plan.

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    Default Re: Web Browsers and different looks

    An example of a piece of code that is interpreted differently is: hr color=red. This will give you a horizontal line on the page. In IE the colour of the line is red, in Netscape black as Netscape doesn't support the colour attribute.

    Sound is another one.

    The book I recommended earlier lists the differences between browsers (and their versions).

    The following site is also a good resource:

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    Default Re: Web Browsers and different looks

    This is the result of a common happening in the computer world.

    HTML is a 'standard'. The bastards then 'improve' on the standard.

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