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    Default Re: Philips 42" Monitor

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryden View Post
    Thanks for your replies.... Untick Auto Arrange icons - where do I find that command please?

    The NUC was $869 (PB Tech) it is Intel Core i7-6770HQ up to 3.5 GHz - 2 x DDR4
    SODIMM.2 x M.2 SSD slot. I don't want it for gaming.... The monitor was 999 and has USB etc. in the back. One of the USB ports on the NUC can be used for charging phones etc. I am running W10 Home - which was installed by PB Tech.
    You sure that is what they actually charged you ??

    That's Well under wholesale price and still needs GST added, + then you need to add in a HDD, as well as the OS. NO ONE else in NZ is selling a complete unit that cheap. ( not legally anyway)

    The cheapest PBTech have in those specs is $1033 + all the above required.
    One thing positive about Windows 10 is that there is never a dull moment anymore on ye olde computer

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    Default Re: Philips 42" Monitor

    I did the Untick AutoArrange Icons but they still have a mind of their own.... they line up down the left side of the monitor in alphabetical order.... sigh.... I tried Desklock but that didn't help either.... maybe I just have to get used to this arrangement.

    Also, even though I have Lock Taskbar ticked, during the day the Taskbar gets wider and I have to untick Lock Taskbar, shrink it down to the smaller size, and re tick Lock Taskbar and that survives until the next time.....

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