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Thread: Web Security

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    The technology it's getting advance day by day so as the hacker. Hacker can hack your system, web and remove all your privacy. That's why it is very important to protect our privacy but how?
    Only the best solution is VPN. VPN can protect your online privacy from everyone and also mask your IP.

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    You can of course just use tor.

    using it as a test - ask what is my IP ?

    As an example, only two of the details are right.
    1 =PC
    2 = Proxy

    Click image for larger version. 

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    wee wee misure
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    markhascole is spamming, reported
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    Did this thread go off topic?

    Security should be like adding salt, it will get bad for you if go overboard with it.

    Web scanner may be a metasploit scanner rather than a port scanner checking for services that reveal themselves. Metasploit goes through testing each known exploit it knows about. It can reveal potential problems that exist that you need to remedy.

    Security firms do similar testing but can also attempt other methods that the tool doesn't know about. Especially if using your own inhouse software.

    However, you can be hardened against this firm or the metasploit framework and still become a victim as new tricks are always being discovered.

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