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    I currently use a 27" iMac desktop running Yosemite and have (among many other applications), Photoshop, InCopy, Word, Google Drive and Creative Cloud loaded. I edit a monthly magazine and the production weeks fall at the end/beginning of each month. In 2017 there will be two months where I am away those weeks so am considering buying a laptop so I can carry on working. (I will not have access to a desktop during this time.)

    I have not had or used a laptop for years, so would appreciate some advice on what I need to run at least Word, InCopy, Google Drive and Creative Cloud. Photoshop I can live without on a laptop as I can load raw files from my camera for our designers. I have Mac everything so would probably prefer to stick to a Mac - but I am open to persuasion if a non-Mac would be the best option!

    I'd like a fairly large screen, so don't want the smallest and cheapest option. I need to ensure I have enough memory and storage to run those programs without any problems, so advice on what models I should be looking at would be greatly appreciated. As would recommendations for the best companies to deal with for purchasing. I want something that will last and not need replacing in a hurry, so am prepared to spend what it takes to get the right laptop.

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    Hi Beemer, Pretty much any 15 or 17 inch lappy that you buy (Mac or PC) will run all of those apps. I currently use a 15 inch Mac Book Pro as my web coding centre. I do admit to purchasing it from the Apple store in Union Square, San Fran mainly because US pricing is so much more favourable than here and has been like that for as long as I can remember. I did use my wifes PC lappy when I was studying web design with no problems, aside from the differences in the various file setups and keyboard keys which any user will encounter, everything else was pretty straight forward.

    If you feel like you could get more bang for your buck with a 15 inch PC lappy, go for it. All the apps you use come with Mac or PC versions or are totally generic anyway.

    There will always be pros and cons which ever way you go.
    I do also own an iMac which has Adobe CS (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) although as I am more web orientated now, my MacBook Pro tends to be my weapon of choice.
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    Nothing against pc but I would stick with a Mac.The reason is you already have licensed versions,for Mac,of the software you use.
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    For coding, Mac is still a good choice than PC, especially deal with linux/unix based staff.

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