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    Default Re: Backup Dying Hard Drive

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    sometimes, using a Linux based recovery/clone just works when a MS based recovery/clone wont. Lin being less fussy than Win .

    I think Paragon is Lin based & free , it has a basic file copy function Ive used many times . That might be worth a try

    I'd think this drive needs a full data recovery by the sound of things. Since the drive is detected & partially readable, there a good chance data recovery will work.
    Thanks for the suggestion. This offers me to only backup to VD. Other options I have to unlock. Is this what you use? Any tips on what settings to use?

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    The partition table may have crashed failed. Generally is unlikely you have lost the lot. you may just need to run data recovery software over the Seagate drive.

    Suggest you install Aim it at the USB drive. the free one will handle 2GB But will show if its recoverable.

    Use the Deep Scan.

    Expect it to take a while though, started one yesterday, was scanning a deleted partition, just under 1 TB ---- 27 hours later - recovered.

    As long as the drive can be seen you may have to look for this: ( of course it will be called something different & be the full size of the drive)

    Attachment 7472
    So the odd thing is it doesn't show as corrupted, but when I try backup or anything it gives me an error saying the disk size isn't the same as stated? I'm just getting I/O errors on all disks. So I can definitely go through the drive and files etc, but if I try open anything or copy/move it, I get errors

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    Default Re: Backup Dying Hard Drive

    input/output errors usually mean could be a faulty port or cable connection between the drive and motherboard.

    Is it possible to remove the HDD from the enclosure ? some can some cant.

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    Default Re: Backup Dying Hard Drive

    This is my drive. I've tried to remove one of these before but it asked me to format it again? Not sure if that's cause it was damaged or not?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Have tried using another power cord and usb cable with no luck

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