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    Default The secrets of filling ink cartridges ?

    Hi Team,

    I have a Brother MFC-J480DW printer in which I am using LC233 cartridges.

    I have watched the Youtube article below and several others and have filled the cartridges successfully.

    However, the status screen on the printer indicates that the cartridges are still empty and new cartridges need to be inserted.

    What am I doing wrong or miss-understanding.
    All advice will be very welcome.

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    Default Re: The secrets of filling ink cartridges ?

    What happens is inside the cartridges is a tiny chip, when the ink gets low it trips and sends a signal to the printer saying the cartridge is empty, and if you try to refill the cartridges it doesn't reset, this is by design as They don't want you using third party inks.

    There are various ways on the internet with plenty of suggestions as to how to bypass this, but many don't work.

    Example: this site says it can reset with their device - depends on if you want to muck about -- Its USA.

    Just out of interest I started to order one, it comes to a fraction under $52 NZ --Yeah - Nah
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    Default Re: The secrets of filling ink cartridges ?

    Generic Carts for this printer are cheap and does the job

    Installed one of these for a friend that was given from a work colleague that had been used with generic carts in the past, $20 odd has to be good for 4

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    Default Re: The secrets of filling ink cartridges ?

    I just buy compatible cartridges.

    Black $11.99 does 945 pages.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: The secrets of filling ink cartridges ?

    Full set of 4 - $23:48

    Single cartridges - $8:48

    These are for printers bought before April this year...

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