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    Default issues with Outlook 2016 . a buggy mess ?

    Im getting some reports of issues with Outlook2016 .

    Ive seen 1 serious bug (on 2 PC's), if you make a pop3 a/c, but dont put in the password , when you go back into the a/c setup to add the pass, Outlook crashes & freezes
    Also with 1 2016 build (2016 build level,patch level) , you cant edit the subject of existing emails ( yes some people want to do that)
    Im hearing reports of other programs no longer being able to link to email on some Outlook2016 builds (ie send to email from another program)

    I know there was a confirmed Outlook 2016 pop3 bug where it would delete all email from the server, when the setup was ticked to leave email on server. (this bug now fixed?)

    The one I'm most concerned about, is a bug where some pop3 emails simply disappear. Ive seen older reports of this happening in the MS forums, but are wondering
    if that bug has been now fixed ?
    Can anyone here confirm, or have you seen that bug ?

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    Default Re: issues with Outlook 2016 . a buggy mess ?

    I don't have problems with Email, have used 'Forte Agent' for many years

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    Default Re: issues with Outlook 2016 . a buggy mess ?

    Haven't had any issues with Outlook 2016 since installing about 2-3 months ago. I have 1 pop account which is my primary plus 2 gmail imap accounts. No messages have disappeared and password updates work fine too.

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    Default Re: issues with Outlook 2016 . a buggy mess ?

    Yeah I use it on several PCs and haven't experienced or heard of any issues like you describe.
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