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    I have seen plenty of complaints about couriers on here. Just for a change here is a complement. I ordered an item on line yesterday at about 2 PM from an outfit in Westport it was delivered to my door in Auckland at 7 AM this morning. NZ Couriers did the trick.

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    I've long since found it comes down to individual drivers.
    There was an older guy doing fastway at my end for a while, he was brilliant.,

    Posthaste was good too, but then the young guy took over, he was pretty bad. I complained a couple of times about him, he now hates me (never speaks when he turns up now), but he has improved.
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    Talking to PO lady, she says they are a law unto themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pctek View Post
    I've long since found it comes down to individual drivers.
    Thats true.

    here, NZ couriers are really great, in fact the guy goes out of his way to deliver, even outside of normal time during his rounds.

    Courier post has gotten a lot better over the last couple of years.

    Fastway ?? ( shudders) they are always useless, half the time if anything is sent Via them it doesn't show up, I have to go to their depot and get it myself.
    One time something didn't show up when it was meant to, (I called within 5 minutes of the following) they said no one was at home and a card was left - both total BS. They couldn't really answer when I said I was standing in the lounge looking out the window while having a cuppa, your driver pulled up, almost stopped but didn't then drove away, didn't get out and put a card - nothing -- care to explain ??

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    NZ couriers are quick because they pick and choose what streets in a town they deliver to. Urban delivery is Urban delivery, but not according to NZ Couriers. Here in Wakefield they will not deliver to the Urban area of Eighty Eight Valley Rd.. but drive along it to deliver to Hunt Terrace & Fitzsimmons Way, past the house they would not deliver to.
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