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    Default Dynamic DNS Huawei

    My DDNS on Huawei HG630b has stopped working since setting it up over a year ago. It didn't get much use but now I have a new Galaxy J5, so can use it working again. I use it for CCTV DVR remote viewing.

    To try and isolate the cause, I've tried setting up but the problem is the same. Neither NOIP or DuckDNS gets IP address updates.

    Huawei software version: V100R001C55B021

    In the pic below, see the settings as entered into the HG630b. The green settings are those instructed from the DuckDNS site. I entered all except WAN connection (had to be 1-of-4 Spark_**** options.)

    To further test theories I downloaded the DUC v4.1.1 from NOIP. It works for the NOIP DDNS update. I'd like the HG630b to do the IP updates automatically and without the PC even running.

    Any help appreciated.

    ISP Spark

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Dynamic DNS Huawei


    I'm continuing to study and pounding Mr.Google. He's stumped.
    I had a look at the firewall. It's set on "low".
    I'm learning a lot if nothing else but it isn't solving the problem of the IP address updates.


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