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    When I boot up my pc fan is quite noisy and laboured..
    eventually it settles down. could this cause start up bios probs??
    OR what sort of probs can a lazy fan cause..? huh>>

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    sounds like either its clogged up with dust and/or the bearings are getting stuffed. you can give it a clean and grease to keep it going but it would pay to start looking at a new one.

    i doubt that it would cause bios probs, just overheating problems exspiecaly in this weather.

    if its the cpu fan however you may get cases of the pc filing to start. some bios check to see if the cpu fan is going before it will turn the comp on. if the fan dosn't spin up fast enough it may make the bios think the fan isn't going.

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    The fan in your power supply will probably be the culprit.
    It won't cause any bios problems unless you leave the problem unattended because there is a good chance you will fry your computer if you don't fix it.
    Fans are mechanical, and as such most have bearings which the fan runs on, and after a while they get full of dust etc. and the bearings get dry and noisy. If you are mechanically minded and know your way around your system case it is a simple matter to put a few drops of light oil on the bearings which should quieten it down. If the noises start again soon after, don't risk your system, have it replaced! A fan is designed to pull hot air out of your case and let cool air in for obvious reasons.
    A lot of manufacturers install cheap and nasty power supplies to keep costs down and they don't last long if the computer is getting a lot of use.

    If you have had your computer for a while it will be full of dust and should be cleaned out. Your local computer shop will do this for you and they should check the fans on your CPU at the same time. It shouldn't cost too much. Or you could do it yourself. From memory a recent edition of PC World did an article on this so check out your back issues.


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    Default FANS!!

    tweak'e has lots of fans.

    I am one.

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