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    Default Acer Aspire - flickering login, inputs going crazy - software or hardware?

    Hey guys, it has been a loooooong time, hope all is well. Life had it's ups and downs, and I have found myself in Sydney of all places. I miss Wellington and coffee... I even miss Christchurch lol

    Anyhoo, this one has me scratching my head, and any pointers and advice would be appreciated.

    Friend of mine was trying to download a printer driver - rather than going to the manufacturer's website, they downloaded some rubbish called 'driver update', around about the same time they decided to 'clean' the laptop - looks like all they moved was the RAM stick and clean the keyboard (laptop all up was pretty dirty).

    Since then, when in normal mode, the PC was cycling between start up and the login screen. In safe mode the long in screen hangs, and cycles in and out of the log in screen. It seemed like the password window was accepting a character stating log in incorrect and starting up again. I plugged in a keyboard, somehow managed to log in. Removed the password, uninstalled driverware (a real PITA). I installed CCleaner - 30 second install took nearly an hour as it loaded up about thirty attempts to install it, somehow the CPU only hit 20%, took ages to remove the ones I didn't need lol. Removed a GB of cache stuff, used system restore to no avail. It seems to type okay, no issues in windows explorer, or typing stuff out.

    It is an Acer Aspire 5830TG - Windows 7 Home Premium, integrated battery and the keys are all separate under the keyboard body (like an Apple). Apparently it was a nightmare to take apart for an unrelated issue some years ago.

    I'm torn between thinking it is software or hardware related. I did use an air can to remove dust, tried reseating the RAM chip in case it was loose. I did suddenly realise that I could use HJT, and got a log done.

    It was late in the evening when I was presented with this, figure on spending a day during the weekend to try to make it right (update drivers properly, flash, java, defrag drive, back ups etc). Any pointers on resolving this issue would be much appreciated!


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