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    Default Airprint firmware update for Canon Pixmar ip100

    A friend has an old Canon Pixmar ip100 printer and wants to print images, preferably from her iPad. That's not so old (purchased about January 2015). As far as I can see, the ip100 is one of the few printers that isn't Airprint compatible (I did warn her when she chose the iPad!).

    Searching yesterday, I think I discovered somewhere word of a firmware update which would make the ip100 AirPrint compatible. I passed over it without taking due note (I try not to get involved with firmware changes if I can possibly avoid it) and went on to other less direct solutions to the printing problem, like doing it from her Windows laptop. Now I can't find it again.

    Is there such a firmware update and where can I find it? I've tried Canon websites, of course, and can't see anything of the kind. Nor can I find the page where I might have read it in my browser history

    I'll carry on looking, but meanwhile I thought I'd plant the question here.


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    Default Re: Airprint firmware update for Canon Pixmar ip100

    Hey Argus, As an Apple desktop Tech and ex-Canon NZ worker im sorry to say the IP100 was USB or IrDA only or Bluetooth if you get the Bluetooth adapter but iPad never worked over Bluetooth sorry (I spent many hours trying to get a free way to work)
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    Loving the quote! "I... Did not think of that"

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    Default Re: Airprint firmware update for Canon Pixmar ip100

    If the printer was connected to a computer, You can always give google cloud print a try. Used that on many old printers that aren't capable any other way, all worked perfectly using either Windows PC's iPads and one customer said she had her iphone working as well.
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