A friend has an old Canon Pixmar ip100 printer and wants to print images, preferably from her iPad. That's not so old (purchased about January 2015). As far as I can see, the ip100 is one of the few printers that isn't Airprint compatible (I did warn her when she chose the iPad!).

Searching yesterday, I think I discovered somewhere word of a firmware update which would make the ip100 AirPrint compatible. I passed over it without taking due note (I try not to get involved with firmware changes if I can possibly avoid it) and went on to other less direct solutions to the printing problem, like doing it from her Windows laptop. Now I can't find it again.

Is there such a firmware update and where can I find it? I've tried Canon websites, of course, and can't see anything of the kind. Nor can I find the page where I might have read it in my browser history

I'll carry on looking, but meanwhile I thought I'd plant the question here.