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Thread: Network Issues

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    Default Re: Network Issues

    For the 901ND to work you need it plugged in to the "LAN" side, with the rest of your network and not the "WAN" port. Then as the others have mentioned, make sure DHCP is off.
    I'd say that's where you're likely getting the confusion.

    Also, the Huawei EchoLife device probably has DHCP which it'll be passing to the WAN of your Routerboard. That's OK but just make sure it's *not* in the same range as the Routerboard uses for the LAN
    eg Have the Echolife give out and then have your Routerboard give out IP's on

    If the WAN of the Routerboard is the same IP range as the LAN, it's gonna lose the plot at you.
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    Default Re: Network Issues

    Are you a Truenet volunteer ? If so, the Routerboard box will be transparent and not affecting DHCP.

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    Default Re: Network Issues

    If this makes it easier to understand Damiens link above as to our initial set up.
    So this is the set-up in our cupboard, Based on photo, and refer to Damien's

    Fibre comes into Cupboard and into the Huawei on the Left,
    (all Cat6 cables then run from hear to each individual room where needed)

    Grey Cable from the Huawei goes into the MicroTik
    on the MicroTik cables are:
    1: Grey - Input from Huawei
    2: Blue goes to TP-Link TL-SG108
    3: Green to Master Bedroom
    4: Dining Room
    5: Bedroom 2

    Then obviousl on the 8 Splitter
    1: Input from #2 on MicroTik
    2: EMPTY
    3: Lounge
    Rest to other rooms

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Network Issues

    Thanks all! I hadn't received an alert of all these replies! Will play around this and see what I can get. Also one of the issues, I hadn't been advised the right plug in the lounge was phone line so that's what the issue was there. Will keep testing for the dhcp though. Still getting some small issues so will try the suggestions

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