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    Default Windows 10 - Photo Viewer not fullsize and Windows Explorer crashing

    Hi all

    I picked up a ex corporate Thinkpad T420 and did the Windows 10 free update. Everything works fine instead (2) thing:

    1. Windows Explorer crashes every few minutes, the screen blinks, the windows like My Computer, My Networks etc .. shuts down. It had the issue right from the start. I restored it back to Windows 7 what it came with, redid the free upgrade and it was then fine but I guess after some Window Updates I get the same issue. I have updated the BIOS and (in the BIOS) I have tried to set the video card as Intel or just the NVIDIA or the mix of both on demand but that doesn't help.

    2. Just today I was accessing a shared folder on the PC from my Thinkpad and running a slide show while connected to the HDTV. The left side start menu are fine etc .. After a while, there is like a 25% of the left side that is black like if the photograph has shifted to the right and then later when I play it again the photograph is zoomed into at 100% (pixel) view. I had to use Windows Media Player instead.

    This model laptop isn't officially supported in Windows 10. The mfg provided updates to Windows 8 only.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Windows 10 - Photo Viewer not fullsize and Windows Explorer crashing

    Fixed it. IDT software from audio ....

    Now hopefully that helps the photo viewer. I will change the screen zoom to 100% and if that helps.

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