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    Default Re: Help Choosing A Host For A New Website

    Quote Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
    I did some looking for overseas hosts and found some good ones, I was particularly impressed with SiteGround's support when I contacted them. They also have a data center closer to NZ than most of the other hosts I looked at which is a bonus.

    The main audience for this site will be New Zealander's as the site will host a large number of historical New Zealand images. I'm mainly trying to find good local hosts to see what is available.
    Sure, and it's always good to support local businesses too.
    Anyway, I have a small hobby site, nothing too demanding, but I have used DotEasy to host it for the last probably 10 years. Never ever had a problem with them, they are responsive with their customer service, i can't remember a downtime, and quite cheap I think, and they also support MySQL and PHP.
    If you can't find anything locally, you could take a look.

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    Default Re: Help Choosing A Host For A New Website

    Quote Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
    Could you tell me more about the support you received from myhost? How many issues have you had that required you to contact their support and what was their response times like?
    The only time I had to contact MyHost support was back in early December. Long story short, due a big screw up by me I overwrote my database with a really old backup. The MyHost support team were able to get a more recent copy of the database from their client backups and restore it for me. The response time is around 1 hour or less if you contact them via their support e-mail during office hours.
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    Default Re: Help Choosing A Host For A New Website

    I read Hoopla's servers aren't based in NZ so I contacted their support team and they confirmed their servers are on the West Coast of the US.

    openhost and myhost look good, thanks for the recommendations

    Has anybody had any experience with umbrellar? Their site makes their setup sound fairly good (2 data-centers in Christchurch, 1 in Auckland and 1 in Australia) but their prices are a bit more expensive than the other hosts so I'm wondering if there is any benefit in going with umbrellar over another host? Other than airpoints dollars of course

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