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    Question What Video Card would you reccommend?

    Wanting to get a dedicated gfx card for my current setup. Currently using the onboard on this current setup, which is about as good as my old GeForce 8600GT, but getting a bit old for today's stuff. Th

    Thinking of something like the GeForce 210. Not too expensive, and would give a nice boost I think. I'm mostly a casual gamer, but would like something that can run something like COD: Modern Warfare 2 or Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion better than my old GeForce 8600GT on my old QuadCore. Nothing too new, just a wee visual boost.
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    Default Re: What Video Card would you reccommend?

    What is the actual onboard graphics and what resolution do you use on your monitor?
    This chart may be of use,4388.html
    or this article,4380.html

    I'd expect the 210 to be a downgrade on pretty much everything, the lowest end graphics cards are no longer competitive with modern onboard graphics and I really don't see the point of them. I would not buy anything lesser than a GT 730 and as a gamer struggle to recommend even that. Personally I think gaming starts at around the GTX 750, R7 360 level. The games you mention are old though and will probably run on most cards.
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