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Thread: Petrol

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    Default Petrol

    Price now $1.64 up the road.

    In the news toady:
    Global oil markets could "drown in oversupply", sending prices even lower as demand growth slows and Iran revives exports with the end of sanctions, according to the International Energy Agency. As a result, world markets may be left with a surplus of 1.5 million barrels a day in the first half.

    All countries have access to the same petroleum prices of international markets but then decide to impose different taxes. As a result, the retail price of gasoline is different.

    So I thought, where are we in the price list?

    Venezuela, RB 0.02
    Saudi Arabia 0.16
    Kuwait 0.22
    Oman 0.31
    Iran, Islamic Rep. 0.37
    Iraq 0.43
    United Arab Emirates 0.47
    Nigeria 0.56
    Ecuador 0.6
    Malaysia 0.68
    United States 0.76
    Russian Federation 0.81
    Egypt, Arab Rep. 0.88
    Indonesia 0.93
    Korea, Dem. Rep. 0.94
    Mongolia 1.01
    Mexico 1.03
    Vietnam 1.04
    Philippines 1.05
    Afghanistan 1.07
    India 1.1
    Jamaica 1.14
    Swaziland 1.14
    Canada 1.17
    China 1.17
    Australia 1.23
    Brazil 1.27
    Fiji 1.34
    Papua New Guinea 1.36
    Japan 1.38
    Poland 1.42
    Marshall Islands 1.44
    Peru 1.46
    Argentina 1.52
    Hungary 1.58
    Singapore 1.58
    Austria 1.6
    Spain 1.63
    Czech Republic 1.67
    New Zealand 1.71
    Switzerland 1.74
    France 1.79
    Germany 1.8
    Sweden 1.82
    Iceland 1.85
    Israel 1.88
    Finland 1.89
    Portugal 1.89
    Belgium 1.9
    Ireland 1.92
    United Kingdom 1.92
    Greece 1.98
    Denmark 2.01
    Hong Kong 2.06
    Turkey 2.06
    Italy 2.14
    Netherlands 2.15
    Norway 2.27
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Petrol

    Was interesting to see on TV the other day about how cheap petrol is so cheap in Venezuela that crooks smuggle it across the border into Colombia for a massive profit. Venezuela could be one of the wealthiest countries in the world with their enormous oil reserves, but most of the population live in abject poverty.
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    Default Re: Petrol

    Are ALL of the above prices quoted in the same currency, and if so, which one?
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    Default Re: Petrol

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippity View Post
    Are ALL of the above prices quoted in the same currency, and if so, which one?
    US / Litre on 18th Jan, you can change the currency up the top of the page
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    Default Re: Petrol

    Venezuela petrol price is subsidized by their government. they tried to remove but there were riots so left it alone. Power of the people.

    It is quite communist there i believe.
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    Default Re: Petrol

    Gull down the road $1.57, diesel 80c. Temporary 10c off.

    Still way above the 60c diesel we used to have not that long ago. When the oilprice was higher.

    Still, better than being in Norway
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Petrol

    All very strange, what causes these massage swings is a mystery to me.

    When it was high it was all bad, now when it is low it is calling all sorts of problems, we are merely pawns in this game.
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    Default Re: Petrol

    I can not understand why the oil producers don't produce a minimum quantity of oil at the maximum price. One day they will run dry, then what?

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    Default Re: Petrol

    "Massage swings". What ever next. ! The mind bogles. lol

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    Default Re: Petrol

    Why does UK and Hong Kong have high petrol cost? UK has millions of people, and Hong Kong generally have low cost consumer products...
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