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    Default PDF FIles Corrupted

    This was a PDF file that I created with an Epson Scanner. Adobe Reader set as the default program to open it. All was fine. Now I try to open up a PDF file and get
    Canít open the file there is a problem with the File Format
    Makes no sense. Does anyone know of a good PDF recovery tool? Free or not.
    Thank You!

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    Default Re: PDF FIles Corrupted

    There are some free online ones but i have never had much luck with them, easier to just rescan. Pdf's can be a pain.
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    Default Re: PDF FIles Corrupted

    Same question here:

    Still could be genuine though, as user name is same.

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    Default Re: PDF FIles Corrupted

    Quote Originally Posted by smith.mark View Post
    Maybe this source will help you.
    And on the link you gave, I see the comment
    "I think this actually might be a cleaver spam"

    Yes , this whole thread is spam guys.

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    Default Re: PDF FIles Corrupted

    Google it...... ;p

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