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    Default Spark Fibre questions, my turn

    I've signed up for fibre with spark and was looking for some advice on how to set it up and what router to use.
    Anyone with spark fibre care to comment on the performance of the free router and in particular it's wi-fi performance?

    Currently I am using a TP-Link TD-W9980 all in one VDSL modem/router and am very happy with it but I understand it won't work by itself connected to the ONT so I either use the free one from spark by itself or configure my existing one just as a switch/access point. I don't like the Idea of 3 devices though - ONT - Router - Router and I already have 2 5 port switches hanging off my existing setup.

    Any tips? would you use the freebie or replace it with something else, and if so what?

    I would like to ditch wi-fi and cable everything and centralise all the cabling but my house construction makes that difficult and the garage is a separate building. I have no wall cavities, solid triboard walls, no ceiling cavity, and limited underfloor space. There is a single ethernet cable connection from the lounge to the bedroom I currently use as an office.

    I'm thinking I'll put the ONT in my lounge near the TV and feed internet back to the "office" via the ethernet cable that currently brings it the other way.
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    Default Re: Spark Fibre questions, my turn

    I am not with Spark, but here goes. Why not try the free router and make a decision on a possible replacement as and when? The decision on the use or non use of your existing W9980 can also wait.

    Be aware of the constant flashing LEDs from the ONT when deciding where to put it. Basically, it can go anywhere that you can get a cable to. Also, be aware, if you have a landline, that Spark use the phone port on the ONT, but hybrid cabling can take care of getting the phone(s) connected.

    The way I see it is that the only decision you really need to make now is where to site the ONT. That is the only item that would be a problem to move or reconfigure. You want to try to work out the path the fibre would take from the ETP on the side of your house as well. The scoper will work that out but looking at this beforehand is a good idea.

    Your house sounds a bit of a nightmare for cabling! I am glad mine is so easy in comparison.

    Good luck with your installation.

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    Default Re: Spark Fibre questions, my turn

    Ring Spark and ask to upgrade to the HG659b, there will be a cost but it's a much better router/wifi AP than the HG630b they will otherwise supply.

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    Default Re: Spark Fibre questions, my turn

    I have been using Spark and the Free HG659b for almost 6 months now without any issues - very stable.

    I have 3 mobile phones, 2 laptops (wireless) 2 Desktops (Ethernet) and 1 Desktop (wireless - serious gaming) connected to this Router.

    So far so happy with it.

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