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    Default Defining which programs can dial-out

    Is there a way to tell your computer which programs are allowed to dial-out and which aren't?

    I've got a firewall set up (Tiny's) which blocks access to certain programs, but there are some programs I want to have access to the net, but only when I connect first, I don't want the programs to connect automatically (however, I still want other programs to connect automatically, so I don't want to turn off the autodial function of the dial-up networking).

    Is it possible, and how do I do it?


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    Default Re: Defining which programs can dial-out

    it up to the intervidual programs.

    one problem i had was with autodail on any program that even looked to see if the net was there the modem would dail up. i find it easier to manualy connect then use a prog to redail if the connection is cut off.

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    Default Re: Defining which programs can dial-out

    get yourself zonealarm instead that allows full control of programs which want to dial out

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