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    Default Hard Disk Recovery

    My computer caught the badtrans worm and I had a local technician fix it.

    PC has 2 hard drives 10gig and 1.2gig.

    The lady formatted C drive using MSDos and installed Win98.

    The D drive was used as a backup medium and somehow became scrambled.

    So she formatted this using thw Win98 facility.

    How can we recover the D drive information ?

    Your site was given to me by the person who offered this advice.

    Thanks for anticipated advice.


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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    unless the data is very 'valueable' you don't bother.

    if its was 'scrambled' to start with then it will be a hard costly job to descramble it.

    just remember, next time make a backup thats not on the comp and have better virus protection.

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery


    It sounds like your 'technician' didn't do you any favours! Reformatting a data disk is not what I would call a professional service.

    Cutting to the chase, yes your data can probably be recovered but at a cost. I had a 1.2GB data back-up drive die completely early December. It would spin but nothing else. I had a separate backup elsewhere but it was two weeks old! Computer Forensics Ltd recovered all of the data for me in just three days but at a cost. It was $990 plus GST. That was an acceptable investment for me as I would have spent greater value of my own time recreating the missing two weeks of business data.

    Whatever you do, do not try any 'Unformat' or other data recovery utilities and don't let anyone else work on the disk as they will probably make things worse.

    If the data is important to you, it will cost you $90 plus gst to have CFL look at it and quote for full recovery.

    Since your disk is still actually working I imagine that the cost might be somewhat less than I had to pay to extract data from a dead disk but there is only one way to find out. CFL can be contacted on 0800 LOST FILES or search for them on the Net.

    All that aside, depending on what you asked the 'Technician' to do, and what they said to you about their proposed procedure, you might well have a valid claim against them under the Consumer Guarantees Act. You might recover the charges paid plus the cost of recovering the data from your disk but it will depend on a number of other factors. However, to the best of my knowledge it is definitely not necessary to reformat to deal with the BadTrans virus and nor is it appropriate to reformat a data disk as all that will do is make the data much harder to recover. The technician must use appropriate levels of care and skill but from what you have written, it sounds like they were well short of that!

    Post an email address if you want more detailed info as the Consumer Guarantees Act is one of my specialist areas. If you want to keep your normal email address confidential, set up a Hotmail address that I can reply to.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    Great reply Billy T !


    I would also strongly suggest that you pursue the technician for costs as you should expect any person you appoint to carry out a service to have sufficient skills to know what they are doing, and reformatting is not the only way to remove badtrans.


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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    Yeah good one thanks for that Billy T.

    To further on from you..

    Les check out this site..

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    I would have to agree with the above comments, from my own experience there is no need to format and re-install Windows to eliminate the Bad Trans virus. 1 registry key is created and 2 files get infected. It is not a 'destructive' virus and should not have damaged anything on the secondary drive so absolutely no need to touch the second drive. Bad Trans basically installs a key logger and a reg key to activate it. I would have words to the person that performed the virus removal, it's like a surgeon using a shovel to remove a mole. Just a little overkill.

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    Nothing like a good slash and burn to be sure.
    Shocking though. I would consider wiping someone's data a nightmare if it happened accidentally. Not sure deliberately would ever feature as an option.


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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    Hi Les

    Let us know how you are getting on with your reformatted data disk. There have been a few posts on your problem and I'd like to know what happens, even if you decide to cut your losses and forget the data. It will stop me staring at the ceiling for the rest of the year, wondering!


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Recovery

    Thanks for that Billy T, have been in touch with Cameron and now have to pull the beasty out !, and send it away, for the initial check.



    Ps Have had to re-activate an old 286 and it's been out of use for a number of years, it has XTGold on it, to recover old floppies.

    The 2 floppy drives have packed a sad.

    Thank God for typewriters!!!!.

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