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    Default House phone wiring for modem

    What is the best way to wire up the phone wiring inside your house to get the best modem performance, and phones too? Should the Master socket be at the computer and then run all the Slaves from there? Do they still call the sockets Master and Slave?

    My computer has a V90 LT Winmodem. It also came with a small pigtail lead that has a male modular plug on one end, and a twin female modular socket on the other end. The sockets are labelled 'Line' and 'Phone'. I assume that the male plugs into my computer, 'Line' goes to the Master socket, and 'Phone' goes to all our phones. Does the modem disconnect all the phones when online?


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    use 2 wire jacks. there is no master and slave. phone wireing should be in series ie from one jack to another in a line.

    the lead sounds like a splitter so you can plug the modem and telephone into the same telephone jack. throw it and use a lead directly from jack to modem. put the phone on another jack.

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    Default Re: House phone wiring for modem

    Hey Brendan, Telecom have moved away from the Master Slave theory and into a 2 wire system. This does not remove the theory that the closer to the exchange you are the better it is for you. Putting your modem on the closest socket to your demarkation point is always the best. Removes any cabling issues within the house and gives you the shortest amount of copper between you and that lovely exchange that telecom or saturn run. The thing to note though is that in a major city area with a modern exchange this will not make a great deal of differance if you have made sure that all physical wireing connections are secure, with a solid connection between wire and plug and that you have no grounding or power cables next to it.

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    Try and keep the line from the computer to the socket as one lead rather than joining several together. Try and avoid plugging in fax and answer machines and cordless phones into the same cable as the internet line, keep these on a separate cable, at the main wall socket you could go either for a double adapter or better still just plug in the computer and unplug when finished, plug back in the other items.
    When you are on the internet, anyone calling you will get the enaged signal, call minder is the exception here as that diverts to the telecom version of a answer machine. If you have call waiting though and you don't disable that feature as part of your modem dialup then the call waiting beep might disconnect you from the net.
    No doubt there are other tips as well.

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    Default Re: House phone wiring for modem

    You won't notice much difference where you connect your computer in your house.

    I did find I connected at a slightly higher speed more regularly when I installed a new socket rather than using an extension lead.

    If you do install a new socket, keep the cable well away from any electrical cables.

    If you are getting slow connections a hardware based modem or atleast updating your winmodem's drivers will have more effect.

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