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    Default Wifi extender for granny flat


    I have an ADSL modem inside the house, and want to extend the wifi to a granny flat down the back of the section - some 30-40m away. No obstacles in the way, just distance.

    The modem I already have has good range for the house, and a few metres outside. I have relocated it to the closest wall to the granny flat.

    I need a grunty extender, but not sure what to buy? Uncle Google gives me all sorts of specs(speed, max devices etc), but not range.

    After my preliminary research, I have this as my best choice so far:

    Is there a spec I need to keep an eye out for that will indicate better range than others?

    Short of that, it like I buy the priciest one and hope for the best?

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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat

    A range extender is never going to work well in this situation, and an expensive one like that won't be any better than a cheapie like this.

    Are both the buildings on the same power distribution board? If so, then consider an EoP kit, like the following.

    Otherwise, get some direct burial cat6 cable and run a cable out there.

    Range extenders are flawed by design, and in this situation where you are trying to get service into another building, they are generally not reliable at all.
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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat

    Quote Originally Posted by wratterus View Post
    Otherwise, get some direct burial cat6 cable and run a cable out there.

    Wired is always so much better.
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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat


    However if you want to try a cheap experiment you could try making a directional aerial out of a can.
    Lots of examples on line, like this

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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat

    Unless you want to go digging cables the 2nd option wratterus suggested is much better, EOP - you would have it installed and working in less than 15 minutes, as long as the power feed to the flat is on the same distribution board.

    Put several of the ones linked and they work nicely. Doing another house in a few days, 3-4 outlets in different locations in the house , large house multi story and running cables is not an option, all that's needed is a power socket for 100% signal. No speed drop either.

    They claim 300Mtrs max
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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat

    Is Cat6 cable UV proof? Is it able to span 30/40m without a catenary wire? I assume there is a concrete path between the house & the flat? If so... scoop a shallow trench just under the concrete & bury it there The concrete will provide mechanical protection. (Mains cable would need to much deeper, about 600 t0 700mm, depending on your local power board. Just thought I would throw that last piece of useless info in.) PJ
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    Default Re: Wifi extender for granny flat

    A couple of years ago was going to try to extend WiFi to a neighbour (150 metres),had recommended Alfa Networks but had trees in the way which would degrade the signal,they have since gone with a Wireless ISP

    40/50 metres would be no trouble with this

    There is a new model now that would work better with Windows 10(drivers)

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