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    Quote Originally Posted by user View Post
    You don't really get much choice for components as you get what you pay for. Most bikes in that price range will have similar basic componentry. You won't have a chance of electronic gear changing for that price or disk brakes (which are not common on road bikes at present).

    You might want to consider a secondhand bike from Trademe as there are a lot of good bikes being sold which have very little use. You might pick up a carbon frame bike with Ultegra componentry for a similar price if it is a few years old. Even an older bike like this would be a much nicer ride. I still ride a 7 year old bike for commuting to work and it would be a good buy for less than $2000 (Durace groupset, Al frame).
    Yes I rode my Campagnolo equipped Reynolds 653 steel frame from new in 1991 until early last year when I finally decided to buy a new bike and bought my Merida. To replace my old bike with somthing of similar spec would have been $4000 yet I sold it for only $400 to a collector on Trademe, there was nothing wrong with it, it still rode perfectly.

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    Default Re: Question for our cycling gurus

    I've considered second hand, but I'm fairly tall, and I haven't really been able to find any in a suitable size, hence why I'm looking at new.

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