See in a router?

Absolutely nothing.

The web based interface itself is not even for the average joe bloggs but I can see how it could be made more informative with maybe a widget or tray applet that allows easier configuration, provides them with the essential information needed like status of their connection and the basic means to configure it without even stepping foot into the interface.

Unfortunately, I don't think its an area that should be looked into as for joe bloggs, its pretty much should be a set and forget setup but I assume the interface in question is to aid in troubleshooting a lot of common issues.

For an advanced user, I could see some additional functionality that maybe good to have but we are limited to its hardware resources, although, without the ability to benchmark and stress test it, it might be more under utilised than I am guessing and could probably do a bit more bang and be used in ways that it was not intended for.