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    Default windows 7 full

    If you go to and put into their search

    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional With Service Pack 1 64-bit - 1 PC

    They are selling it for $92. Now I know that there is something wrong with this picture, however I am looking for windows 7 full (Not OEM) I don't think you can buy them anymore, but it sure looks like that is what they are selling at When you tell me what's wrong with this picture would you know where I can buy a Windows 7 non OEM. When I build my system and if it gets thrown in the sea and sink to the bottom I would like to build another system and put my windows 7 back on which will save me from buying another copy.

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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    Just looked. At a guess I'd say its not retail. Especially when OEM versions are going for higher pricing. The fact it doesn't say Retail I'd steer away from it ( if you want Retail).

    You'll be hard pressed to get a retail, it went end of sale October 31, 2013.

    Edited: to quote Microsoft about how long It can be sold after end of sale:

    We will continue to allow retailers to sell the previous version of Windows for a year after the launch date of the new version.
    Its all
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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    According to this retail sales ended in 2013

    And End of sales for PCs with Windows preinstalled in 2016

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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    As per the answers last time, 7 retail is no longer sold .

    The only way is to buy win8.1 Pro or win 10 PRO (retail) & use downgrade rights to install Win7 .
    Or take the risk in buying some dodgy product off trademe/ebay/amazon .

    Or do what most do & just buy OEM , you can get away with re-using it on a new PC when the time comes.

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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    Waterproof it, stick in a floatation device and a GPS tracker, and install OEM...

    Seriously though, they don't sell it any more as Wainui mentioned.
    Either settle for the OEM, buy 8.1 or 10 instead, or cross your fingers for an incredible stroke of luck like someone finding a crate of windows 7 disks buried a landfill in New Mexico....

    I understand if you prefer 7 to 10 and prefer retail to OEM, that's your prerogative, but it may just be time to consider moving on.
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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    Quote Originally Posted by lostsoul62 View Post
    r I am looking for windows 7 full (Not OEM) I don't think you can buy them anymore, but it sure looks like that is what they are selling at .
    Customer Questions & Answers

    Can I install this non-OEM build on a blank hard drive?
    Let me share this - the copy I received was clearly marked "For Refurbished PC's" I installed it on a new build, on a "virgin" hard drive and it loaded just fine. When the OS was fully loaded, and all drivers installed, I tried automatic validation over the internet - it failed. I then called the Microsoft activation line, followed instructions, and after entering that awful long string of numbers was asked "How many computers is this copy of Windows installed on?" - I answered ONE and validation continued and was successful. Hope this helps. see less
    By Douglas Elia on March 1, 2015
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    Default Re: windows 7 full

    Surely by the time you build another system Windows 7 will be so incredibly dated there would be no point in installing it? In which case just buy an OEM copy.

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