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    What are some of the Web Browsers people use?

    I only know of a few Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera.

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    opera6 (the 5.12 *cough* works with it) and IE6 for the pages that won't display in opera.

    might give mozzila a try later on.

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    hi Tweak'e

    seeing as your computer has decent specifications, why do you use Opera?

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    I've mainly used Mozilla since 0.9.4 which is when it became really useable.
    But it still needs atleast 128mb to be useable.

    You could try K-Meleon if you want an even less mainstream browser. Its gecko (the core of mozilla) with a lightweight interface so its fast.
    Unfortunatly its still has a few bugs and they went for the IE look.

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    Opera6 is great, K-Melion is quite nice. The thing to watch out for with alot of browsers is that they are just a new front end for IE.


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