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    Default Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus off that came from a yahoo E-mail group, giving the AVG scan disk for
    the fourth and second complete time.
    I had to do a *.mps.pif file find to find and delete it, the virus was ther but did not effect a file

    WARNING: The file FUN.MP3.pif you received was infected with the
    W32/BadTrans@MM virus. The file attachment was not successfully cleaned.

    Get a free Anti-virus program off Internet,
    I like AVG as it puts a date stamp at the bottom of the E-mail, that way if
    someone sends a Email with a new date you can download the next update.
    AVG also has free regulor updates as close as a day apart

    If everyone had a Antivirus program on their computer, it might not stop it, but would save a lot of time

    Some free Anti-virus programs. (Aladdin). (Antivir). (AVG). (vCatch).

    Trial. (AVG). (F-Prot). (Symantec).

    Something to read.

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    Default Re: Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    Hi Richard

    I may have missed something in your post, but how come your AV didn't detect the virus? Is it a new variant or something?

    You seem to have a very comprehensive approach to virus protection so if you got caught maybe a few of us should worry more!


    Billy *<8-{)

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    Default Re: Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    Yesterday I managed to get infected with a JS/Kak.worm somehow managed to get thru even though I have McAfee and AVG running. I am still waiting to hear back from the only 2 contacts that I got emails from yesterday as to whether a scan of their system has shown anything. I managed to remove it quite easily with a small program called Panda quick remover. No major damage done and all subsequent scans are clear. I must add that I didn't even know I had the virus until I rebooted my puter after we reurned hoome from an outing...then all these warnings etc....shock horror and all that

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    Default Re: Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    Even with an antivirus programme installed it is still reliant on users keeping the definitions up to date. The amount of 'non computing people' I have built or repaired computers for loaded an antivirus programme on then updated the definitions then shown them how to update the definitions themselves....only to get a phone call 6 months later because they have been 'virused'. Normal question follows 'when did you last update your virus definitions' followed by the normal response 'Oh, a few months ago'.....thank heavens Nortons has auto updates......but then it is surprising how many people disable it because it is interfering with their web browsing.
    Unfortunately a lot of people want 'set and forget computers'

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    Default Re: Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    Hi Billy
    AVG picked up the virus all right, normally it makes a virus vault folder and puts the file in there, then when I find it I delete the whole folder, without opening it. When I ran AVG it showed that there was a virus in the computer but no files where infected, I just wanted to get rid of that virus in case it sprang into action later. Each time I see that DOS alert warning I close everything down and run the virus scan over.

    A good practise, when you get a attachment , ask yourself 'Do I need to know? I all ready get a wealth of information from the body part of E-mails, why put a virus into your computer' I just delete them then I go to the delete folder most often if there is a virus attachment in there, a DOS type message appears on the screen. as the delete folder opens.

    Also when I posted on 'F1' I had to do a *.mps.pif file find to find and delete it, that should of said *.mp3.pif

    This notice that AVG puts at the bottom of your out going E-mail might not be as stupid as you think
    'Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free.
    Checked by AVG anti-virus system (
    Version: 6.0.310 / Virus Database: 171 - Release Date: 19-12-01 '

    It tells your friends if there is the new database from AVG available. I told one E-mail group about free Anti-virus programs, someone got back and said 'thanks for that, I found three virus problems'

    Tazzie NZ
    You are right, one AVG release picked up a virus that the release made two days earlier do not find, So even two days can make a difference.

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    Default Re: Just wasted two hours maybe three getting a virus

    My heart bleeds for you Richard. Seeing as you are the antivirus kungfu master extraordinaire I would have though you would be invulnerable to the conventional virus attack styles.

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