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    Default Re: Waterblaster recommendations

    Thanks for the info guys, seems Karcher is the majority here.

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    Default Re: Waterblaster recommendations

    I have a Karcher (better than average model) but I'm currently using my son's Stihl. The Stihl is quieter and has more volume. It is definitely a better performer.

    My Karcher developed a problem in the wand so that it stays on continuously. It would cost more than a new machine to buy a replacement wand.

    My son's Stihl blew an O-ring when I first turned it on. I went to Stihl to get a new one, they had to order it in, total charge: only 50c !

    (It blew an O-ring because my son stored the machine with the hose disconnected. When I re-connected it I should have lubricated it first.)

    Regarding pressure, it's easy to control it by moving closer or further away from your weatherboards (or your radiator-fill cap!). The important thing is to have enough flow ie, litres/s. Good flow is also handy when 'washing' the weatherboards after blasting

    It's a bit like car tyre-inflator pumps. They quote high pressure, and it seems good, but high pressure is useless if it drops to zero at the slightest air delivery
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