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    Default Re: Should I buy an Expresso machine

    I stopped drinking instant Coffee because it caused flatulence. At first I thought it was caused by Caffeine but then I used ground Coffee and a plunger. Tastes better & no flatulence, so obviously not the Caffeine. It is also cheaper than instant, unusually on special at Countdown at about $5 for 200 grams. No milk.

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    Default Re: Should I buy an Expresso machine

    **** that must be my problem....
    Multiplayer games are the Shizz "Theres nothing like killing your mates!" Me

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    Default Re: Should I buy an Expresso machine

    I agree with the earlier poster, I love my caffitaly machine. Had it about two years now, has had no problems.
    I paid around $100 for the machine plus a milk heater/frother thing. Costs me $.70 a cup.
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    Default Re: Should I buy an Expresso machine

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    Some cant taste the difference between pepsi & Coke
    My friend... you can't tell me about "taste". I'm one of the few people in the world who've had a Grande Bordeaux from their year of birth - a 1961 Châteaux Mouton Rothschild. It's been rated as the greatest vintage ever and comparable to the 1949. The flavour was so unforgetable, the texture so smooth and sublime that I'll never forget it. It retailed at the time for about 800 Rand. It now goes for around $3000 here in NZ if you're lucky enough to find it.
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