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    Default do i need to have screensaver?

    hi i have just received a new toshibia notebook for christmas and i have one little question. I heard that screensavers can shorten the life of your monitor and some say if i dont use a screensaver it will burn the monitor. So what do you guys think?
    should i use a screensaver?

    thank you

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    Default Re: do i need to have screensaver?

    Screen savers are no longer necessary to prolong life of our monitor. Nowadays we use them to add personal touch, and to password-protect our computer when we're away from the desk.

    And From the present that you have got for yourself this X-mas...nope you dont need a screensaver as LCD flat panel displays dont sufffer from Burn In

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    Default Re: do i need to have screensaver?

    Of course, you don't need a screen saver, its not a must, it just adds a fashionable look to your display while your away, or password protects your computer. With a expensive LCD display monitor, you can almost do anything you like with it other than cause any physical harm.

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