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    Default pc upgrade advice

    Going to do an upgrade on my pc, I play a few games, mostly Need For Speed & have sorted out the bits I think I need, would like to run them past the experts for comments please if you have the time. Will be using my old case which still looks modern & Windows 7 64 bit retail DVD.
    Mother board Asus M5A97 R2.0
    CPU AMD Vishera FX6300 3.5GHz
    Memory Gskill DDR3 Ripjaws 2 x 4 GB
    PSU Seasonic X650w
    HDD W.D. 500GB
    Graphics Asus R9 270X
    Optical drive Asus DRW-24D3ST

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    Default Re: pc upgrade advice

    What are you upgrading from and what are your goals for the new machine? Also what resolution is the monitor you play on?
    Those specs are fine for low - mid quality gaming at 1080P on modern demanding games and will likely play anything a bit older or less demanding cranked up fairly high. Need for speed is not generally difficult to run but if all you want is to play that smoothly you could just use a console, it's one of those games that is much the same to play across multiple platforms. Nothing wrong wwith those choices at their price point if that's what you want to spend.

    I personally always build intel/nvidia based machines for gaming but they do tend to cost a little more. AMD often have really good deals and some of their GPU's are better bang for buck but the CPU's are weak for gaming and overall it's just a less consistant experience in my opinion. I've had several issues with games due to using AMD GPU's and it's just put me off. Can depend on the games you play as well.

    I had an HD4850 for years, probably my longest ever run out of a graphics card and awesome performance for the money but for the first 2 months I owned it I had to put up with weird "ray" artifacts in a game I played until AMD finally sorted out the drivers. More recently I had a 7970 that was a really good card but it gave very disappointing frame rates in WoW and crashed out of wolfenstein regularly unless I turned the graphics down. It was awesome in all my other games though. I've never had those kind of issues with Nvidia cards (but I know they occasionally do happen).

    If you prefer AMD it'll work fine, but if you can stretch for an i5 it'll be better all round, even an i3 matches the FX6300 in a lot of games but I think dual core is a poor choice for gaming going forward. The R9 270X though really has no current competition from Nvidia and is the best option in it's price range. If you can find a GTX760 somewhere at a good price or spend a bit more for the 960 those are the only real alternatives
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    Default Re: pc upgrade advice

    Quote Originally Posted by dugimodo View Post
    Those specs are fine for low - mid quality gaming

    I had an HD4850 for yearss

    Yeah - that was a good card at the time....
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