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    Default Panimage 7" TFT LCD tablet

    I have been given the above tablet. It is functioning correctly, except for something that is called a transfer box (as stated in the yser manual). From the user manualit appears that the transfer box has an ethernet connection and 2 USB ports and it appears to use a 24 or 30 pin connector on the side of the tablet. The software used by the tablet is Android 1.6 and its date of manufacture appears to be 2012. Can anybody please shed some light on the 'transfer box' and where I might be able to get one. TIA Spooky

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    Default Re: Panimage 7" TFT LCD tablet

    Try these people but I do not like your chances for a product of that age things have moved on a lot since that tablet was produced

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    Default Re: Panimage 7" TFT LCD tablet

    I doubt it's worth the effort. Use it as is or abandon it like whoever gave it to you did. I think a cheap current tablet would be a better investment than spending money on an obscure brand that's at least 3 years old. I wouldn't spend much even my 2012 nexus 7 (which is a pretty good tablet but starting to show it's age) let alone the one you mention.

    Android on tablets got a lot better from version 4 onwards in my opinion. I can't imagine 1.6 being the best android experience.
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    Default Re: Panimage 7" TFT LCD tablet

    lots of 1star reviews ie the lowest review rating possible, on Amazon.
    So dont waste any $ on it, its most likely going to be a disappointment.

    Do you even need the transfer box, most Tablet users just use wifi .

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    Default Re: Panimage 7" TFT LCD tablet

    All the cheap no-name tablets are throwaways anyway. They're designed to sell, that's it.
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